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RB Medical Supply Delivers PPE to First Responders in MN

07/09/2020  |
For Immediate Release

June 10th, 2020
Contact: Ketki Hotaling
Media Relations

RB Medical Supply Hand Delivers 70,000 Pieces of Personal Protective Equipment to First Responders in Minneapolis and St. Paul

MENTOR, OH — RB Medical Supply employees Ketki Hotaling and Ty Klingman traveled to Minneapolis to distribute 70,000 PPE products to fire, police and paramedic teams in the Twin Cities. In the past weeks, the nation has been gripped with fear, anger and grief over the death of George Floyd. While the majority of protests in this country have been peaceful, Minneapolis became overrun with vandalism that destroyed critical PPE products meant to keep first responders safe from the COVID-19 pandemic still at large. Upon hearing this news, RB Medical Supply made it a priority to keep all citizens safe, regardless of personal political stances. Hotaling said, “We are not here to take sides; we are here to keep the community safe from COVID-19.”

Hotaling and Klingman made four stops in the Twin Cities: the St. Paul Fire Department, the Minneapolis Special Operations Center and the Minneapolis Fire and Paramedic departments. Each location received the following products:

  • 2,500 KN95 face masks 
  • 12,000 surgical masks 
  • 2,500 pairs of surgical gloves 
  • 66 bottles of hand sanitizer 
  • Face shields 

The recipients of RB Medical Supply's products were overwhelmed by the generosity of the company. Many of the first responders have been operating with a dozen face masks to share between them, or no face shields to keep them safe in the line of duty. St. Paul Fire Department Chief Butch Inks said, “Staying safe while doing our jobs is already hard, it’s getting harder and harder for me to keep my team safe, we really needed these materials.” RB Medical Supply is honored to be able to help the community get back on its feet during all the turmoil. 

About RB Medical Supply: Founded in 2020 as a part of RB Sigma, LLC, RB Medical Supply proudly supports medical associations, government organizations and other industries with wholesale medical equipment, supplies and COVID-19 personal protective equipment kits (PPE). RB Medical Supply's provisions are manufactured with superb quality and high standards in mind, and offer protection for frontline workers and communities. RB Medical Supply is currently manufacturing AAMI-qualified isolation and protective gowns, as well as N95 masks that meet FDA, CDC and NIOSH approval.

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