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Medical Supplies for Schools

Medical Supplies for schools

As schools begin to open back up for the new fall semester, having the medical supplies and sanitizing products, at budget friendly prices remains a top priority for Principals & School Boards. Whether you’re an educator, school employee or student, we have the supplies to keep each person in the school safe. Instead of putting yourself or others at risk with questionable safety equipment, turn to RB Medical Supply for trustworthy medical supplies for schools. From masks of all sizes to sanitizing products and first aid needs, we have all the gear your school needs to fight off germs in the classroom.

100% Made in The USA Masks

When masking is necessary, we’re here to make that as comfortable as possible. We manufacture three different styles of masks for the protection of your teachers and students - all Made in The USA. Our NIOSH Approved N95 Mask, offers the highest level of protection, our Commercial Respirator, KN95 equivalent mask offers comparable protection with earloops and our 3-ply surgical masks are our most economical choice. All three options provide great protection based on your level of risk and comfort.

School desk cleaning

The Best Sanitizing Products for Schools

Keeping shared surfaces clean and sanitary shouldn't be an arduous task. That is why RB Medical Supply carries products to make that job easier.  Our industry recognized sanitizing wipes are effective against 32 microorganisms in 2 minutes. This fast contact time allows your surfaces to keep up with busy class schedules.