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Hand Sanitizer & Disinfectant Wipes

At RB Medical Supply, we pride ourselves on keeping our customers safe. We offer a variety of sanitizing products, including sanitizer and sanitizing wipes to help you keep surfaces clean and germ-free. Our products will help you sanitize almost any surface, helping you stay healthy. Order your sanitizing products online today from RB Medical Supply!

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Products to Sanitize: FAQ

Whether you're protecting yourself from everyday contaminants or taking extra precaution against viruses, you must sanitize your hands, devices and surrounding areas regularly. If you don't have a container of high-quality sanitizer on you at all times, you risk exposing yourself to unwanted germs. But what exactly should you look for when purchasing sanitizing products? View our frequently asked questions to gain some insight as to what you need to know before ordering or using sanitizer.

How Much Alcohol Content is In Your Sanitizer?

One important thing about sanitizer is that it contains strong alcohol content that can burn and kill bacterial germs that cause illness. The hand sanitizer that we sell contains a solution made with 80% alcohol to guarantee effective sanitizing every time.

How Many Wipes Come in Each Container?

We offer two separate types of sanitizing wipes in our store. Our microbicide disinfectant wipes come in canisters that contain either 40 or 180 wipes. Our antibacterial wipes, however, contain 100 wipes.

Where Can You Use Sanitizing Wipes?

Our antibacterial wipes are highly effective at killing germs and can sanitize a variety of surfaces, either in the house or on the job. These surfaces include glass, Formica, glazed porcelain and stainless steel.

Resources Related to Sanitizing Products

Nothing is worse than feeling exposed to viruses even when you're wearing the best PPE. That's why it's crucial to sanitize often to further protect yourself, whether you're working on the job or on-the-go. You should also have baseline knowledge of how other products like masks work. Browse our related articles below to learn more.