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COVID-19 Tools

Keeping you, your students, employees and family safe from infectious diseases in today's global environment is paramount. Many people rely on our Wellness Tools to help them prevent getting sick. At RB Medical Supply, we carry a variety of tools to keep you moving hands-free and isolated from others. When it's time to separate yourself from the crowd, order tools from RB Medical Supply.

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Safety Tools FAQ

With widespread health concerns affecting the world, more businesses, schools and other organizations are turning to safety tools to achieve the utmost protection. These personal protection tools not only offer a greater peace of mind, but they are also a low-cost and highly effective investment. But what kind of personal protective tools are essential to your operations? Check out our frequently asked questions to get a better understanding of tools that can keep you healthy before you add any to your cart.

What Are Desk Dividers Made Out Of?

The sturdy and reliable desk dividers that we sell are made out of polycarbonate and corrugated plastic to offer 14, 18 or 24 inches of protection. They also come with easy-to-configure assembly tabs to ensure that each divider is properly built.

Where Are Your Personal Protection Tools Manufactured?

All personal protection tools that we carry are made in the United States. This allows us to quickly ship them to our customers to provide protection right away. These protective tools can also be picked up locally at our facility in Mentor, Ohio.

How Do Adjustable Mask Clips Work?

To use adjustable mask clips, simply place the clip on the back of your head. Then, take the earloop from each side of your face mask and pull until both sides connect with the clip.

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Because safety tools are so important for keeping you and everyone around you protected from harmful germs, you should do your research prior to ordering any personal protective tools. Due to widespread health concerns, tools for personal safety are in high demand, so don't wait. Check out our related articles below to learn more about personal protection tools like N95 or disposable face masks.