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Personal Protection Kits & Equipment

RB Medical Supply is dedicated to keeping our frontline workers safe. Our standard PPE Kits are a one-stop-shop for all your PPE needs, including antiviral face mask supplies, exam gloves and protective gowns. Don't see exactly what you're looking for? Contact our sales team today to receive a quote for your custom PPE Kit. Stay safe and healthy with your trusted medical supplier — RB Medical Supply.

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As the world continues to navigate and handle the challenges associated with widespread sicknesses, individuals are relying on top-quality PPE and other gear — that's why you need a trusted medical supplier like RB Medical Supply. There are now many options available for people to keep themselves safe during the pandemic. With that being said, it might feel overwhelming when shopping for equipment or protective gowns that keep you and your family safe from airborne particles. Fortunately, RB Medical Supply has a variety of PPE kits to help. Check out our FAQ section to learn more.

What Types of PPE Kits & Supplies Can You Purchase?

We offer four types of kits, each with its own set of effective equipment. Our Front Line series is available in diamond, gold and silver options, and we also sell a complete health emergency response kit.

What Comes in Your Emergency Response Kit?

Our emergency response kit is perfect for any healthcare professional working on the frontlines. Each set comes with an N95 NIOSH antiviral face mask and RB face shield. You'll also receive exam gloves, a cap and shoe covers to complement the included protective gown.

Do You Offer Biohazard Kits for Medical Facilities?

We do! When you need to transport specimens from one facility to the next, our viral transport medium collection kit can help. This FDA-certified kit comes with everything you need to properly store and transfer specimens with ease.

PPE Kits for COVID-19

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While we pride ourselves on carrying excellent health kits, we want our customers to know exactly how to use these products to fully protect themselves. Otherwise, they risk contracting or spreading unwanted germs and diseases. That's why we put together some additional resources to help our customers further understand how PPE works. Check out our blog articles below or contact us if you have any questions.