News Feature: RB Medical Supply Talks with WKYC about Speeding Up the COVID Testing Process

12/23/2020  |   Posted By RB Medical Supply

Nathan Ingrao, Director of Sales & Marketing for RB Medical Supply, was featured on the "It's About You" segment on Channel 3 WKYC to discuss RB Medical Supply's newest undertaking - speeding up the COVID-19 Testing Process. 

In an effort to streamline the testing process, RB Medical Supply identified a domestic manufacturer that offers a COVID test kit that delivers results within 10 minutes. The kit includes a nasal swab that is then mixed with a liquid buffer after the patient has been tested. The liquid buffer is placed on a test card that provides a positive or negative result within 10 minutes. This kit is cutting down the COVID testing results process from days to minutes. RB Medical Supply is very excited to provide this technology to healthcare providers. 

Nathan also highlighted the ArmorVax vaccine app that was built to streamline the vaccination process. Cutting down on the wait time for patients getting vaccines along with decreasing the amount of paperwork necessary for medical providers, ArmorVax makes it easier than ever to schedule and administer vaccinations. The ArmorVax app is in its final stages of beta testing and is expected to launch in late December 2020. 

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