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PPE for Teachers & Schools

As schools begin to open back up for the new fall semester, proper PPE for teachers and students remains a top priority for parents and school boards. Whether you’re an educator, school employee or student, we have the equipment and supplies to keep each person in the school safe. Instead of putting yourself or others at risk with questionable safety equipment, turn to RB Medical Supply for trustworthy PPE for schools. From kid's face masks and disposable surgical masks to antibacterial wipes and sanitizing supplies, we have all the gear your school needs to fight off germs in the classroom.

Best PPE for Teachers

When necessary, social distancing is difficult for everyone, but especially for teachers with a classroom full of students. We’re here to make physical distancing a little bit easier with student desk dividers. These clear dividers will help stop the spread of germs and are easy to assemble and store. Another good option for people in the school system is our clear mask. This is some of the best PPE for teachers to instruct students who need to see facial expressions or read lips in order to effectively learn. Having the right supplies in the classroom is essential for the health, wellbeing and safety of all, so make sure your school stocks up on these products.

Stay Safe with Back-to-School PPE from RB Medical Supply

As we slowly return to the normalcy of everyday life, we still must ensure we practice proper health and safety guidelines to keep it that way. Our line of PPE for schools can create a safe environment and give teachers, parents, students and employees peace of mind. Browse our site and find the best PPE for teachers and schools at RB Medical Supply now!

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