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RB Sigma NIOSH Approved N95 Mask

N95 respirator masks have quickly become a standard in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and even for consumers. It's easy to understand why - the level of proctection is hard to beat. That is why we have developed and manufactured our own, 100% Made in the USA Filtering Facepiece Respirator. All raw materials that are used in the manufacturing of this mask are sourced from US manufacturers, making this a mask that not only provides a high level of protection, but one that also supports Americans. Learn more about our NIOSH Approval here.

If you're looking to buy our N95 mask in bulk, please send us a message and we can provide a quote for you. Our masks have been used in healthcare facilities large and small and by thousands of consumers. 

Don't feel that you need an N95 mask? Check out our best-selling ASTM Level 3 rated 3-ply surgical mask. The comfort and ease of wear makes it a popular choice by our customers.